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Letting The Pigs & Chickens Off Scotch Free

Plant-based scotch egg

The Willie Wonka Of Vegan Food...

Our award-winning Scotch Egg creation that resembles its traditional counterpart in appearance, texture and taste has had Rhian dubbed the Willie Wonka of Vegan Food. Returning to the UK during the pandemic from her expedition leader role, allowed her to encompass her passion for sustainability with the power of food. Internationally inspired flavourings as well as other classic items, with a plant-based twist, sold directly and in shops! 

Our Food

Tastier for you. Better for the planet

Veg Life has been on a journey of offerings as the business was established and grew to scale. Catering weddings, private functions and events as well as providing worldly supper clubs all the while changing people’s perceptions of plant-based food. Using these additional streams of revenue to set up and scale a production business selling over 25,000 Scotchees to date!