About Us

Hi I’m Rhian, Veg Life’s founder but some people know me as the “Willy Wonka of Plant-based Food!”

Veg Life was born out of the pandemic after I was made redundant from my dream job while working in Dubai in 2020.

I had worked as an expedition leader, travelling the world taking part in building work, wildlife conservation and projects to create long-lasting sustainable impacts.

My travels also taught me the joys that food can bring to people’s lives.

So… from my parents’ kitchen in Malvern, Worcestershire, I combined my passion for creating amazing food with my passion for sustainability, and Veg Life was born!

The Plant-Based Scotch Egg

Born initially out of a lack of plant-based food options at a family Christmas party, and resurrected by the “substantial meal” debate of the UK Covid lockdowns, the Scotch Egg has become Veg Life’s marquee product.

I’ve made over 7,000 and counting!

There are currently 4 flavours in the Scotch Egg range, inspired by my travels around the world.

We’re living in eggciting times… See them all on the Scotch Eggs page.


The single biggest impact we can make as individuals is through what we eat. That’s why Veg Life’s core value is to be sustainable in every step of the production and retail process.


The UN’s sustainable development goals THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development ( were at the forefront of every social enterprise project that I worked on, and they are an integral part of Veg Life too.


My focus is on creating undeniably tasty food that shows plants to be the sustainable alternatives to some of the food we’ve grown up loving.

Our retail products are all served in plant-based, compostable packaging so that we reduce our contribution to the global refuse problem!


We’re also determined to reduce food waste, from using breadcrumbs that is a by-product of slicing bread at a local bakery to turning any broken “eggs” into a delicious sandwich filling – egg mayo!

Making a Difference

The best part of cooking for a living is seeing people eat your food and saying “Wow!” as they eat it.


I love taking my food out to markets and festivals, sharing it with people face-to-face, listening to feedback and taking it home to make the food better for everyone.


Veg Life food isn’t made just for vegans and vegetarians. Our growing community come from all walks of life and love to meet, connect and share ideas, all while enjoying some tasty food.


Veg Life products are already available in plenty of pubs, cafes, delis and farmshops in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Bristol.


I am looking to expand this all the time so that more people can enjoy and be inspired!